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  1. Against FC København Right on! Against FC Kobenhavn??????????? I do not understand you. You go in the stadium when you are sure that you will lose????? I really do not understand.
  2. We only expect around 3 - 4000 supporters for this match, about the same number as you had in Albania. The arena has a capacity of 15,500 so it will look pretty empty. This don't looks good. This your first match in Champions League. It's historical. If the stadium will not be full for this match, than when it will be???????
  3. Guys, the situation looks for good Stabaek. For Tirana do not play the most five important players. It will be very hard for any surprise. I hope it will be a nice match. I'm curios to see Telenor Arena live.
  4. I see this as a good draw for us because Stabæk vs FCK would be an all-Scandinavian tie which helps to create interest amongst supporters and the media. Every team in the next round would be difficult, and by that, I mean difficult for both Stabæk and Tirana. The worst thing is to be drawn against a very good, but generally unknown team. At least Stabæk playing against FCK should draw good crowds. However, nobody in Stabæk is taking the next game against Tirana lightly. We know it will be a difficult match - for both teams. On a personal note, if we make it through against Tirana, I am definitely going to take the trip to Copenhagen to see the first match against FCK, so I REALLY hope we win on Tuesday. Good luck..............(for us of course).
  5. I don't know what to say but I am very happy to see you so enthusiastic. :angry:
  6. Do you expect to go in the grups stage?
  7. Hi guys. First of all, I'd like to say that the match of last night was nice. What I expected, was really a much stronger Stabaek. Being the champion of Norway, is a big thing. Our football, of course do not compare with your football. The result 1-1 was completely right. There were moments when Tirana dominatied and also when Stabaek was very well. Technically, Stabaek was much beter. Your number 17 was a super player. Fantastic midfilder.Great passes and fanatsy. Is he in the national team?? What I regret was absolutely the way how we took the goal. I don't know for you, but knwoing the albanian football, I wouldn't say that 1-1 is a good result. I can't believe that the champion of Norway is satisfied with the third round. A say that, because in the next stage ( if it will be one), for Stabaek will be much more difficult if they paly the same football. For the next match, I can say that the chance are 80%-20% for Stabaek. But if we sign quikly, it will be very very interesting. Hoping that it will be a great match, in the end I hope that my team will qualify.
  8. We are not sure if any website will trasmitt the match. I hope it will be a big match with a beautifull football. We are preparing now to go in the stadium. The atmosphera there will be very nice. If you can't see it, don't worry. We will see it for you . Anyway, everything will be decided in Norway. See you after the match.
  9. Jeeez, det kommer aldri 10.000 albanere til Norge for å se fotballkamp, han var sarkastisk. Finally someone understand me
  10. Yes, supersport will transmitt. Listen, I don't know any website but you can come in www.sktirana.com and ask the guys there.
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