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Klubben i mitt hjerte

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  1. This topic is for everyone, but all posts must be written in English. Today Stabæk announced that our new head coach is named Bob Bradley, and along comes massive and greatly appreciated attention from the other side of borders, oceans and mountains. We've had visitors on our discussion board from all over the globe these last two days. Many Americans, of course, are interested in learning more about our club. Hence we've made this topic, so that all our new international friends can get their answers, straight from the source. Feel free to ask about our team, about our history, about our supporter club. Anything, really. If any supporter from the U.S. or Spain or France or Egypt or whatnot wants to visit Norway and Nadderud for a game this season, we'll gladly be of assistance. We'll be happy to have you. And if you want to become a member of our awesome supporter club, we can help you with that as well. It costs NOK 200 for adults - that's only like 33 bucks for a whole year. Oh, and we'll send you your very own, beautifully designed membership card. The same one Bob Bradley holds up in the picture below. The one with the flag. "Vi er tilbake" translates to "We are back". Welcome to all international fans of Stabæk! The how-to It's pretty easy to take part in the discussion here on this board. First, you might want to set the board language to English - if not already done by your browser settings. It could help you navigate. You can set the language at the bottom of the board. Click Norsk (Bokmål) and then select English (USA) Now, you need an account to submit posts. On the top of the page you'll find a gray button: Click it! Now comes an easy part and a hard part. The easy part is filling out the fields with English descriptions. The hard part might be these two fields: "Klubben i mitt hjerte" translates to "The club in my heart". You should write Stabæk here. Or Stabaek. It just can't be empty. "Er du en spam-robot?" translates to "Are you a spam robot?". You should write "Nei" here. That means no in Norwegian. You can also write "Nope". When you then click Create Account you will have created an account. Well done! To write a post you simply write in the text field on the bottom of this topic thread and click Post. The who's-who This discussion board is owned and run by Stabæk Support, the supporter club of Stabæk. Here is some contact information: Henrik Harboe, Chairman henrik@stabaek.no Trond Hansen, responsible for new members medlem@stabaek.no Bjørnar Posse Sandboe, responsible for the web site posse@stabaek.no If you need to contact somebody in Stabæk, you'll find contact information here. The two most important are these: Lars Hjorth, Managing Director lars.hjorth@stabak.no / +47 415 59 180 Inge André Olsen, Head of sports division inge.andre.olsen@stabak.no / +47 930 34 047 The YouTube There is a lot of Stabæk video clips out there on the web, and here's some of the best: Bob Bradley talks about Stabæk: A presentation of Stabæk's future (with English subtitles): All the goals last season: http://www.budstikka.no/video?videoId=48D20C5C The fans celebrate after our last game last year: http://www.budstikka.no/video?videoId=E6DFC8E5 Enjoy!
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