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19 timer siden skrev magrrei:

"Overgangen til Daryl Werker til den norske klubben Stabæk Fotball er kansellert. Den tidligere Roda JC-forsvareren var i ferd med å signere i Norge, men det kom et stikk i siste liten."


Tydeligvis en pluss sak i en nederlandsk(?) avis.. men fikk m meg d viktigste . 

Fant det som må være samme sak et annet sted, google-oversatt blir det slik:


Bad luck for Daryl
The transfer of Daryl Werker to the Norwegian club Stabæk Fotball has been canceled. The former Roda JC defender was about to sign in Norway, but a hitch came at the last minute.
"Complications have arisen with an outgoing transfer from the Stabæk," Werker said from Norway. "As a result, my transfer cannot take place." The former Roda JC captain was already in the Scandinavian country for physical and medical tests at Stabæk in the Norwegian municipality of Bærum. He passed all these tests. He had to be quarantined because the Netherlands is on the red list of corona countries in Norway, but the problems with an outgoing transfer of Stabæk, Norway's 2008 champion, had not been taken into account. It is unclear exactly what these complications are.
Also read: Ex-Roda captain Daryl Werker close to switch to Norwegian league
The Werker from Mechelen has been looking for a new club for some time. After his contract in Kerkrade expired last summer and both parties were unable to reach agreement in the negotiations that followed, Werker has been training with MVV since August. There he kept his condition. The defender also played in some exhibition games in the run-up to the competition. He had long hoped for a switch to the third Bundesliga in Germany, but that option was dropped a few weeks ago. Now an adventure in Scandinavia seems to be a thing of the past.
Also read: Daryl Werker is aiming for Germany, but does not rule out MVV and even Roda JC
Werker will most likely fly back to the Netherlands on Thursday. It is currently unclear whether he will rejoin MVV, where he has been training for two months. Ron Elsen, technical director of MVV, previously indicated that the club will no longer spend money on a (central) defender as the Maastricht club has enough options in the back. If Werker wants to come out for MVV, he will most likely have to settle for an amateur contract. Werker: „I have not yet received a contract proposal from MVV. But I am open to it, should that come. 

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10 minutter siden skrev SuperDungeonMaster:

På video på Stabæks Facebook virker det absolutt som om spill i Norge ikke frister Dio nevneverdig. Det virket vel også litt som om det finnes alternativer i utlandet? Jeg blir en smule overrasket om vi ser Dio i troppen i nærmeste framtid.

Det står jo at det ikke utelukkes en retur til Stabæk. Døra står på gløtt

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6 minutter siden skrev SuperDungeonMaster:

Ja han har ikke utelukket noe, men jeg synes han virket litt lunken på tanken om permanent retur. Jeg vil helst at den døra skal være vidåpen, og at Janne/Bjarmann sparker ham inn, Sparta-style. 

Kanskje, men jeg tror vi ser han i blaat neste sesong

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